pRep/Cap5 GMP-Ready Plasmid for AAV5 Packaging

Catalog number: GR-PRC5-KAN

AAV pRep/Cap5, GMP-ReadyTM packaging plasmids, providing rep2, cap5 for AAV5 GMP manufacturing

Format Plasmid DNA
E. Coli Selection Kanamycin
Total Length 7.3 kb
Select Amount Price
25 mg/vial Please inquire


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pRep/Cap5 GMP-Ready Plasmid for AAV5 Packaging

What's in the box?
More Information
Shipping Dry ice
Storage Buffer TE, pH 7.5
Storage Conditions -80°C
Production Grade GMP-Ready™
Availability Made-to-Order
Use Restrictions
For Research Use Only. Not for Use in
Therapeutic or Diagnostic Procedures.
Storage Conditions


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To download the certificate of analysis of AAV pRep/Cap, please provide the lot#, which can be found on the tube label. Please enter exactly as displayed.

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