AAV5 Reference Materials (Empty Capsids)

Catalog number: RS-AAV5-ET

AAV5 Reference Materials (Empty Capsids)

Serotype AAV5


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AAV5 Reference Materials (Empty Capsids)

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Volume 100 µl
Serotype AAV5
Storage Buffer PBS with 0.01% Pluronic F-68
Storage Conditions -80°C
Shipping Dry ice
Viral Particle Titer 1.46x10^12 VP/mL
Percentage of Empty Capsids 87.80%
Availability Off-the-Shelf
Use Restrictions
For Research Use Only. Not for Use in
Therapeutic or Diagnostic Procedures.
Storage Conditions


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    AAV5 reference materials (full capsids), 2.60x10^11 GC/mL, 100 uL