Catalog number: ZV1-set-p
Description: Full ORF collection of individual Zika virus proteins (C, pr, M, E, NS1, NS2A, NS2B, NS3, NS4A, 2 K, NS4B, NS5) and precursors (ancC, prM). The set includes 14 individual plasmids with the expression of each ORF driven by a CMV promoter in the pAV-FH vector with FLAG and His tags.
Vector pAV-FH
Promoter CMV
Tag FLAG, His


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Volume 5 µg
Vector pAV-FH
Promoter CMV
Storage Buffer TE Buffer
Storage Conditions -20°C
Shipping Ambient temperature
Use Restrictions
For Research Use Only. Not for Use in
Therapeutic or Diagnostic Procedures.
Storage Conditions


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  1. pAV-ZIKV-ancC
    ORF of anchored capsid protein ancC from Zika virus in pAV-FH vector w
  2. pAV-ZIKV-prM
    ORF of membrane glycoprotein prM from Zika virus in pAV-FH vector with
  3. pAV-ZIKV-M
    ORF of membrane glycoprotein M from Zika virus in pAV-FH vector with C
  4. pAV-ZIKV-C
    ORF of capsid protein C from Zika virus in pAV-FH vector with CMV prom