Plasmid Products

Virus manufacturing begins with a wide selection of AAV plasmid, adenovirus plasmid, and lentivirus plasmid products. Our plasmid product catalog includes a large collection of:

  • Shuttle Vectors: We have over 50 cloning vectors with different promoters that can be packaged into AAV, lentivirus or adenovirus. Our shuttle vectors and promoters can be purchased individually, combined with our compatible human ORF collection, or used for custom cloning projects.
  • Plasmid ORFs: Our proprietary cloning technology generates high-quality human cDNA clones that are ideal for gene delivery. Our collection of over 17,000 sequence-verified human ORFs can be used as is or packaged into viral particles.
  • Plasmid miRNAs: Our miRNA collection includes 1,500 sequence-verified human miRNA precursors that can be used to silence gene expression. Our miRNA plasmids can be used directly or packaged into adenovirus.
  • Plasmid Zika ORFs: We have cloned each of the 14 Zika virus ORFs into our shuttle vector backbone. The Zika ORFs are non-infectious and can be used individually or as a group. They are also available prepackaged in AAV or adenovirus.
  • shRNA Plasmids: Our shRNA collection includes over 27,000 predesigned shRNA constructs against human genes. Our shRNA plasmids can be used as is or packaged into AAV for gene silencing.

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